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GearheadForHire is celebrating over ten years in software development. Based in Atlanta and primarily serving small businesses in Atlanta and North Georgia, the client base has stretched as far west as Texas. Data intensive web based and desktop applications are a specialty. Robert Wahler, principal, has an engineering background in the energy sector but customers include financial services companies and media. For more information on capabilities, services and products, please follow the links on this page.


GearheadForHire products include custom full stack web enabled databases using current technologies like Ruby on Rails and PHP as well as custom desktop application software for Windows.

Software Development Services

GearheadForHire services include design, implementation, and deployment of custom software using current technologies like Ruby on Rails, PHP and Delphi.

Engineering Data Acquisition Services more…

GearheadForHire data acquisition services include conducting thermal, electrical, and mechanical performance analysis projects, including field data acquisition, data reduction, analysis, and reporting. Ready access to web based test data and reports. more…

  • project management
  • data acquisition
  • data reduction
  • analysis
  • reporting

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