Desktop Software Design Services

Current Focus

GearheadForHire’s primary desktop development system is Borland’s Delphi which lends itself well to the development of Windows database applications. Delphi also facilitates rapid development of database ISAPI/CGI web applications using Delphi’s Webbroker technology.

Current Projects

GearVox: Talking e-mail and time utility for Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP. Animated characters will speak the time and read your e-mail to you. GearVox can be configured to periodically check an unlimited number of POP3 e-mail accounts and optionally speak the sender, subject, and body of the e-mail. more…

GearVolt: MP3 tag editor and file transfer utility. Batch rename MP3 files, parse tags from file names, copy and edit tags in a spreadsheet like grid interface with drag and drop support. Manage and copy your audio and data files to portable devices in the order you choose. Copy operations support any media addressable by drive letter or UNC path, i.e. Compact flash, hard drives, MP3 players, etc. more…

Past Projects

The following completed software packages were coded using several developments systems including Delphi & C.

  • HOTCALC: Commercial Water Heating Performance Simulation Tool, Electric Power Research Institute. Primary programmer
  • WATBASE Software for viewing and manipulating the database of results of EPRI’s Water Heating System Sizing, Diversified Electrical Demand, and Control Optimization Studies. Primary programmer
  • WATSMPL Software providing an easy to use method of evaluating energy use and energy costs for storage water heaters., Electric Power Research Institute. Primary programmer
  • DLComm, Communications software package to assist real-time interrogation of dataloggers. Primary programmer
  • ISAPI’s/CGI, Various ISAPI/CGI data driven applications. Contact Robert for demos

Additional Development Experience

  • Delphi 1-7 used consistently since 1995 for database driven Win31/Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP applications
  • VCL customization, ActiveX, OLE, BDE, SQL, ISAPI, CGI
  • Ruby, Python, C#, Pascal, Visual Basic, C, C++, AWK, Perl and Bash shell scripts
  • Windows compiled application help and HTML documentation
  • Application install and setup tools from InnoSetup, Installshield and Wise Solutions.
  • Version control using Git, Subversion, and MS SourceSafe
  • DOS legacy system development using MS C and ASM for HP200LX system manager compliant applications.

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