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Robert Wahler grew up in Tennessee and served six years in the nuclear Navy before earning a Mechanical Engineering degree at Georgia Tech. He stayed in the Atlanta area practicing engineering in the energy segment project managing and developing tools for other engineers to use such as simulation tools. Robert founded GearheadForHire in 1999 and the client base has included financial services firms, media companies, non-profits as well as energy companies including one of the largest EMCs in the country. Most projects are turnkey meaning GHFH manages every phase from conception to implementation, launch and support, but occasionally we have been part of larger teams working on distributed development programs.

Sample Projects

Client business: Financial Services

Project scope: Took over maintenance and development of a legacy accounting application for an international financial services firm. We developed a Delphi application that ingested large volumes of financial data and created print ready archival files. It allowed them to manage the printing of large numbers of account statement greatly reducing the need for personnel support.

Client business: Media Services

Project scope: Rewrote an application to manage the faxing of advertising to newspapers, automating a process that had previously been manual. This increased placement accuracy leading to increased revenues.

Client business: Logistics Software

Project scope: Developed applications to manage the flow of data from distribution vehicles back to the command center. Another application presented dispatchers with an aggregate view of shipments in transit. The highly perishable nature of the product line made reliable, real-time communications a primary requirement.

Client business: Electric Membership Company (EMC)

Project scope: Developed and maintained interactive web forms pertaining to service subscription. Developed and maintained desktop and web databases for a product certification program. Developed a rebate management application. Managed server infrastructure and developed software for business management.

Client business: Environmental non-profit

Project Scope: Scoped, developed, deployed and support application to manage a certification program including: business partner, corporate and field access; certification data collection and analysis; invoicing and bill presentment; certificate issuance; reporting.

Client business: Energy non-profit

Project scope: Developed an application to manage the evaluation and awarding of grants. This including application management, application evaluation, communication with grant requesters, reporting to the certification board, payments and invoicing.

Client business: Energy consulting

Project Scope: Wrote components for energy demand trading system. Encryption and secure transfer of energy demand data. Data extraction via screen-scraping when APIs were not available.

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