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GearheadForHire, LLC provides a wide range of services from software specifications, implementation and support to engineering data acquisition and reporting.

Small Business Services more…

GearheadForHire specializes in serving businesses with a hundred or fewer employees. Such companies are still small enough that it doesn’t make sense to have software developers on staff but large enough to have some specialist needs that may be hard to meet with simple off-the-shelf software packages. How can a small business afford custom software at an off-the-shelf price? The answer is through the GearheadForHire approach to software development that combines business experience with open source software and the latest in rapid development techniques. more…

Desktop Software Development Services more…

Some applications still don’t lend themselves to web based implementations, but require execution on the desktop, even if syncing to a central source. Also, some web based applications benefit from a desktop interface to a web application for quick data entry or offline reporting. GearheadForHire can provide such development services. more…

  • Delphi Development
  • Database applications
  • Relational database support for MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, and Interbase

Web Applications more…

  • Standards based interactive web site design
  • Ruby on Rails development, rapid deployment with Passenger
  • Support for popular testing frameworks like Rspec
  • PHP development
  • Apache hosting and support
  • Compiled ISAPI/CGI for IIS using Delphi
  • Graphic design and layout

Engineering Data Acquisition Services more…

  • Project management
  • Data acquisition
  • Data reduction
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

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