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GHFH Web Platform

Over ten years in independent business, GearheadForHire has developed or extended a number of software code objects that are licensed to business customers without fees. We only charge you to develop your specific uses, the customization, of those tools. Today, the majority of our web based tools are written in Ruby and deployed on the Rails framework. Ruby on Rails is used by some very popular websites such as Twitter and Yellow Pages. The GHFH platform is regularly expanded to add new features and functions and consists of both open source and custom code. Future platform changes can easily be pulled into customized and extended applications using a single Git source code control command.

Major Platform Features

  • Complete test suite using RSpec for functional testing and Cucumber for narative style integration testing
  • Authentication using Authlogic
  • Declarative role based authorization, this granular approach to authorization is easy to read and maintain
  • Easily customized liquid YUI CSS layouts optimized for data intensive usage
  • Menus styled based on role authorization, i.e. gray if not authorized
  • Customized generators for models, views and controllers with AJAX driven nested model editing
  • Users, roles, preferences and join model code and views spec’d and read to use
  • Timezone support
  • Textile and ERB can be mixed in views
  • Easy deployment using Passenger

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