Gearvox Talking Time and Talking Email

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  • Spoken and silent e-mail notification
  • Incoming mail automatically read aloud
  • Listen to the time and clipboard text
  • E-mail filtering rules
  • Supports multiple POP3, IMAP4, and Exchange Servers


GearVox is a talking email and talking time utility for Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP. Animated characters will speak the time and read your e-mail to you. GearVox can be configured to periodically check an unlimited number of e-mail accounts optionally speaking the sender, subject, and body of the e-mail. GearVox supports POP3, IMAP and Exchange (MAPI) e-mail servers

GearVox resides in the Window’s tray area. A tray icon right click menu provides access to many of GearVox’s actions and configuration options.

GearVox is DSL and cable compatible and also features dial-up connection detection for modem users. Additional features include speaking the clipboard text, notification via scroll lock keyboard light, time based scheduled mute of all sounds, online update checking, launching your e-mail software, optional popup hints and tips, setup and support wizards and many more features. Also available in Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese languages.

Features and options

  • Spoken e-mail notification. Hear the e-mail sender, subject, and/or message body
  • Silent e-mail notification via tray icon, scroll lock keyboard light, and/or on screen messages
  • Monitor an unlimited number of POP3, IMAP or Exchange MAPI e-mail accounts
  • User defined global hotkeys and double click actions
  • Play wav files on new mail
  • New mail waiting reminders
  • Enhanced MIME message decoding engine
  • Accessibility options for reading aloud tips and configuration help
  • GearVox will remember the state of your e-mail accounts between sessions
  • Will not modify your e-mail inbox
  • Especially suited as an e-mail notification utility if you normally leave mail on the server
  • Automatic detection of dial-up connection (similar to ICQ Net Detect). Cable and DSL Ready
  • Speak the time at user defined intervals
  • Launch e-mail software
  • Popup usage tips and hints
  • Random user defined spoken greetings
  • Setup and support wizards
  • Online update checking
  • Change your animated character by downloading new ones
  • Available in several languages and allows loading user created language files
  • XP theme support
  • Options for controlling the character visibility and motion between spoken announcement
  • Message filtering, prevent unwanted spam e-mail from being announced
  • Hear user configurable Jokes and Quotes
  • Entire or portions of your email read to you
  • Speak Window’s clipboard text
  • Scheduled mute of all sounds. Keep GearVox quiet when you are asleep or away from work
  • Options for message reading based on e-mail size, number of lines, skip original message, etc.

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